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2014 August

The very latest happenings at Expert Logistics

Our supply in demand!

August 9, 2014 | By | No Comments

With sales high our fleet is running at full pelt to keep up with demand….

We recently recorded our busiest day ever at Expert Logistics!


On August 29th we delivered to over 6,000 properties for ao and other clients, delivering well in excess of 7,000 appliances – all in just one day!

It’s no surprise our volume is increasing all the time, and with the busiest weeks usually recorded around the festive period this winter promises to be one like no other.

Delivery in numbers:

Highest number of deliveries in one day: 7,842 (Week 22, August 29th 2014)

Number of deliveries in week 22: 41,327

Highest number of deliveries in any week: 41,464 (Week 41, Christmas 2013)

Number of vehicles delivering in one week: 1,492 (Week 22)

Average distance our fleet travels per week: 400,000 KM (Over the past 2 weeks)

Fuel consumption in a week: 106,754 Litres (week 22, includes trunking)

Crikey, that’s a lot of appliances!

That’s also enough fuel to fill 1,335 bath tubs, and enough distance traveled each week to drive us to the moon!

Things may seem to be settling down again, but you can no doubt expect records to be tested once more during a whirlwind Christmas 2014………… Only 15 weeks to go!