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2016 February

The very latest happenings at Expert Logistics

Expert Logistics Welcomes Manchester Met University

February 28, 2016 | By | No Comments

Crewe offers a unique insight into how the business is run.


Expert Logistics today welcomed 18 special guests from the local university here in Crewe.

14 business students and 3 members of staff from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) were invited along to take a closer look into our world, how the logistics industry works, and what makes us so special.


It’s the first time we have invited business students for a tour of our operations, and it was the brain child of our very own Recruitment Advisor (and co-ordinator of our “Emerging Talent” initiative),Kerrie Salisbury



“Even when you go to university you can still be unsure what it is that you actually want to do with your life. So we wanted to get local students in for an insight into our business, and to educate them on how a job in logistics can turn into a life fulfilling career.

We’ve actually just started up our graduate programme, and if it’s a success then we’ll be looking to this next batch of graduates to apply for future vacancies. But right now we just wanted to show them that logistics is much more than just lorries and warehouses, and to get them thinking that a career in this industry could be just the future they’re looking for”

The students were given a brief presentation by Kerrie on the history of the company, before hearing a more personal tale from our resident Business Administration Apprentice, Alana Davies. Alana spoke of how she came to work for us, and the benefits of working in such a fast paced and varied environment.

“ I didn’t really know what I wanted to do – career wise, but after doing some work experience here I got a phone call asking if I wanted to come back and become an apprentice. And now that I’m here full time I love it! … day I could be doing my Duke of Edinburgh, the next I could be ordering the weeks shopping for the entire building. It’s so varied, and it’s given me the confidence to take on any challenge that might come up in the future”

undefinedThe students were then given a guided tour of our operations by Op’s Director Tony Chrystal and Op’s Manager Craig Berrisford, where they were educated on (and also visibly impressed by) our logistical set up. From how the smallest cost saving initiatives can make the biggest difference, to how we develop unique solutions for our very own unique problems.

Finally, after a brief tour and a whirlwind trip in one of our V.N.A’s, the students were brought back to the boardroom for one final talk. Both UK Logistics Director Dave Ashwell  and Commercial Director Stuart Haynes were on hand to tell their stories, and to also offer advice on how to get ahead in the business world.
Their key message was about making your own way in life, and that whichever arena you chose to work in it’s the ‘where’, not the ‘what’ that will be the catalyst for a fantastic career. In other words, If you can find the right place with the right people, then you’re definitely on the right path to success. So work hard, be nice, and strive for a business which believes in the same values as you do.

so it’s goodbye…..for now

Before wishing the students well on the remainder of their course, there was time for one last group photo -  and a quick catch up with one of the course lecturers who came along for the day. We asked Sue Coles (a business lecturer at MMU) why they chose Expert Logistics:

“There’s only around 3 or 4 of these students which are studying Business AND Logistics, with the rest studying things like Business and Accounting, things like that… But we thought it would be useful to bring everyone because Logistics is so crucial to so many industries. So if they do transfer their degree skills to a future career then this trip would have been more than worth it. The main reason we wanted to come here though was because of the culture you have. We’ve had some preliminary dealings with ao in the past but the main thing that’s always stuck is how you treat your customers AND your employees. It just shows what can be done when you put people above profits….we couldn’t pass the opportunity up to come along and see how it’s done, really.”

Obviously we know how great we can be, but you can’t beat hearing it from people on the outside, can you?

Congratulations to Kerrie and her team for organising such a successful morning, and good luck to the Business students at MMU. We hope to see you on our graduate scheme in the non-too distant future.