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2015 August

The very latest happenings at Expert Logistics

Special Delivery…

August 10, 2015 | By | No Comments

all the way from Bedburg!

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This morning Crewe took delivery of an unusually large item. So large, in fact, that it took 2 cranes to lift it from the trailer!

Welcome home #11

That’s right, we’ve just welcomed back one of our V.N.A trucks from our distribution centre in Germany, after a short loan spell on the continent.

V.N.A #11 was first sent across the water a year ago, and it has been helping to pick orders in Germany ever since.

If you didn’t know, V.N.A’s are used to pick stock from the high racking which stores our appliances. However, due to the different regulations in Europe the racking in Germany is not quite as high as the shelves in Crewe, so the truck was a little bit bigger than what was actually needed.

But now that Bedburg have their own (better suited) VNA’s we thought it was high time to bring #11 back across the channel and back to Cheshire. So yesterday it began its 600 mile journey home – travelling from Bedburg to Rotterdam, where the trailer was loaded onto a ferry and sent over to to Killingholme, Yorkshire. It was then picked up in the small hours of this morning, and driven back to Crewe to be unloaded and put straight back to work.

As you can imagine, delivering an 8 tonne appliance across a continent in under 24 hours is no small achievement, and it just goes to show that when it comes to Logistics; we’ve got it covered.


Well done to everyone involved, and best of luck to Bedburg with their brand new V.N.A.