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30 Mar


March 30, 2015 | By |


When we arrive at your property the room which will house your new appliance must fall within the following guidelines. Please read them carefully to ensure that installation will be possible on the day of delivery.


Hot Zone – The area directly above & to the sides of your cooker.

Is the ‘Hot Zone’ area clear of flammable materials (wallpaper, wall coverings, overhanging boilers, shelves or cupboards and any electrical switches or sockets), and is there enough of a gap between your cooker or hob and anything above it (usually a minimum of 75cm)?



Is there enough room to allow for ventilation around the back and sides of your new appliance, and is there an openable window direct to the outside of the property in the room? If your window opens onto a conservatory then this will not provide sufficient ventilation.Gas Ventilation

Gas Supply

Is there an existing natural gas supply to the installation point, and a 3 pin electric socket or cooker point within 1.2 metres of the installation location? We can fit up to 1.2m of new gas pipework to your existing gas supply if you need us to.

moved plug socket