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Charlotte’s (not so serious) exit interview…

June 12, 2015 | By | No Comments


This week we say goodbye (again) to our work experience stalwart, Charlotte!

Charlotte first came to us in the summer of 2012 through South Cheshire College, via their Careers Academy. But she enjoyed it so much that she’s now back for another stint!

Charlotte is currently studying Business and Marketing at University in Chester, and as part of her course she needs to undertake 5 weeks of work based learning – and where better than with her old (employment) flame – Expert logistics.

We managed to steal 5 minutes with Charlotte on her last day, to ask her those all important questions:

So Charlotte, first things first. There’s a phenomenon that comes from working here. Most of us will suffer from it at one stage or another, with only the strongest managing to avoid it. Some refer to it as ‘the expert belly expansion’, which is a freak occurrence that happens to due to a lack of self-control and an abundance of free chocolate and fizzy drinks. How have you coped over the past 5 weeks?

Ha. Not great but not terrible. Im not sure if I’ve put any weight on. I haven’t checked to be honest but I know I’ve drank a lot of coke. Im sure its fine.

We’re glad to hear it. So free treats aside, how’s it been?

It’s been great. I’ve spent most of my time with the engagements team, and helping them to arrange to family and football day was a really good experience. Being able to see the planning and effort that goes into a day like that, and then seeing it all fall into place on the day was just a great feeling. I also want to say thank you to Julia Bent and Jayne Chapman for trusting me with some of the jobs that needed to be done. Both big and small.

It was a fantastic day and we’re sure we speak for everyone when we say thank you for all your help in arranging it. Would you say that was your highlight?

Maybe. We also went to South Cheshire College to interview potential work experience candidates through their Careers Academy. When I came here in 2012 that’s the process I had to go through, and so sitting on the other side of the desk was a surreal feeling – being the interviewer rather than the candidate. We also went to City Tower in Manchester for a meeting, where we got to watch ‘State Of The Nation’ business update from the CEO on the live feed. It was nice to see another side of the company, and to see how well you communicate across the business. Seeing everyone all gathered together from Bolton to Bedburg for one meeting – It was cool.

It sounds it. Come to think of it I think we did see You and Julia do a little dance in front of the camera in Manchester before the meeting started. So is there anything you feel you’ve learned over the past 5 weeks to help you in your degree?

Probably the main thing is how important communication is in a business. Breakdowns can really slow a project down, but the fact that you have regular updates from the CEO to all corners of the business is amazing. Everyone knows exactly whats going on, and I think that’s something I’ll always remember.

We’re glad we could be of help. So do you not fancy sticking around for the summer?

I cant, I’m sorry. I’m going to work in Disneyworld in Florida.


As part of my course I’m off to work in Disneyworld, and also study out there for one year. So from July to July im going to be working and studying at Disneyworld! I’ve had an interview and they measure you up for who you could be in a costume. Apparently im Winnie the Pooh size. That’s not saying im going to be him, that’s the category. So I’ll be in a costume doing meet and greets etc. I cant wait.


I know. And I get free entry into the park all year.

That sounds amazing. Well we wish you all the best over there. It sounds like you’ll have the time of your life! So will we be seeing you again, possibly for a third stint?

Ha. Yes I’d like to. I’ve been given a number to call in 2017 when I graduate, but who knows. It’s a great company, and if im around then I’d love to come back.

We’d love that too! Thank you very much Charlotte. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

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